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Ex-Hire Fleet Decontamination Units for Sale.

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Note: images are for general illustration only, individual models vary in detail.

Note: the trailers shown here are decontamination units with a 3-stage (Clean-Shower-Dirty) decontamination section, equipped with HEPA grade air filtration.   If your interest is combination decontamination units with welfare facilities please see listing on the other disposal sales pages of this site. 

Latest sales are marked SOLD and are scored through; current availability is shown below latest sales.

 A self-contained twin shower decontamination – similar in general appearance to the units pictured above left. Price £7,800 + VAT. SOLD

A large twin shower trailer unit which has a separate W.C. compartment, and a separate office area to the front (formerly equipped as a Mess/ Galley Kitchen); note this unit is not “self-contained”.  Price £6,300 + VAT. SOLD


We have the following self-contained (integral water tank + generator) decontamination trailers shortly coming available for sale:

Twin Shower Unit:  Two X 8 man decon. units equipped with 2 showers each, a 250+ litre water tank, and recoil start inverter generator.

Triple Shower Unit:  One X 12 man decon. unit equipped with 3 showers, a 300+ litre water tank, and recoil start inverter generator.

Triple Shower Unit:  Three X 12 man decon. units equipped with 3 showers, a 300+ litre water tank, and push-button electric start LPG silenced generator.


We have the following standard (connect to mains services) decontamination trailers for sale:

Triple Shower Unit: Four X 12-man units (shown above centre) equipped with three showers each; two of these trailers [those with the shaped front to the trailer] have an additional external door at the “Clean” end allowing personnel to enter from the nearside or off-side of the trailer.  Price range £4,300 – £5,300 + VAT each.

Twin Shower Unit:  Two X 8-man units (shown above right) equipped with 2 showers each.  These are a nice sized unit for a standard car parking space.  Price £4,400 + VAT each.

Single Shower Unit: One X single shower unit available; although not pictured here it is very similar in appearance to the twin shower units above. Price £3,800 + VAT


All are road tow units equipped with 12v road lights through a standard 7 pin connection to the towing vehicle, 50mm ball coupling, over-run braking system, and single axle.

Water heating is from an integral Brittany IIT balanced-flue room sealed water heater.  Space heating and lighting is through a standard 240v 16A inlet appliance to a consumer unit equipped with RCCD.  All units will be supplied in working order with current test certificates, but are otherwise sold as seen.

These trailers are available to view at locations in Lancashire and Kent; for further information or to arrange a viewing please contact us by email at: , or call our hire desk on 0800 731 5521.


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