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Ex-Hire Fleet Combi Decon + Welfare Units for sale

Solus III

Solus III

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Note: Diagrams are for general illustration of hybrid decons, individual models vary in detail.

Note: trailers shown in the photo gallery are hybrid units  – they have a 3-stage (Clean-Shower-Dirty) decontamination section with HEPA grade air filtration plus welfare facilities all in a single trailer.   

Solus III trailers have the following features:

  • Road towable for easy re-location.
  • equipped with a 3-stage decon shower section incl chemical W.C.
  • Galley equipped with fridge, hot-plate, Microwave-Grill, sink with hot and cold running water; Mess / Office area with seating and table.
  • an integral clean water tank + electric start generator for self-contained operation.

We have nine  4 x Solus III trailers for sale, price fully equipped £8,400 + VAT each.  The air filtration unit, waste-water filtration unit, chemical W.C. and generator can be omitted if this suits the purchaser’s requirement in which case the sale price will be reduced.  Image 1 in the photo gallery shows the general layout of the Solus III.

If you would like further information – please send an email to or call our hire desk on 0800-731 5521.

If your interest is DCU’s without welfare facilities please click this link to the other sales pages on this site.


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