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ModelProduct CodeBrief Description
DecontaminationUnitsFor Asbestos Removal Contractors
Standard Decontamination ShowersS110 - S140Single, Twin, Triple and Quad Shower Trailers [for connection to on-site utilities]
From £140 To £350 per week
Self-Contained Decontamination ShowersS150 - S152Single, Twin and Triple Shower Self-Contained Trailers [autonomous operation, equipped with integral generator + clean water tank].
From £224 To £280 per week
Welfare ShowerUnitsFor General Use
Standard Shower - SingleS001Single Shower LPG Trailer
Standard Shower - TwinS002Twin Shower LPG Trailer
Prestige Shower - TwinNow DiscontinuedTwin Shower LPG Trailer + Two WC Toilets + Two Wash Basins and changing area
Welfare Showers From £175 per week
Site AncillariesFor SitesWithout Utilities
Water BowsersS232600L towable, clean water only (not potable)
Water Supply PumpsS230110v quiet, automatic, 17 liter per minute.
Wash Water Filtration/Discharge PumpsS231110v filtration down to 1 micron.
Portable GeneratorsS2454kVA Petrol long run, 110+240v simultaneous
Boot-Wash UnitsS275Single station stainless-steel construction.
Ancillaries From £42 To £77 per week


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