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How do I set up a trailer Decontamination Unit?

Single-axle trailer versions are the easiest to manoeuvre and they are usually quite lightweight – most twin shower units weigh between 900kg and 1500kg.   Once sited, apply the handbrake, wind down the stabilising legs, and level the unit.


“Self-Contained” decontamination units carry their own water supply and on-board generator. Turn on the LPG water-heater, switch on the generator, and connect the waste-water filtration system between the trailer and the waste disposal point.

Power buttons for decontamination unit

Then turn on the internal lighting, space heating, negative pressure air filtration system (NPU), and shower & waste pumps.  You’re now ready to use the decontamination unit.

It’s worth knowing about two variations of the above:

  • “Standard” decontamination units: don’t carry water or on-board generators – they require continuous connection to on-site services of electricity and water.  When using trailers with an integral LPG water heater, a 13Amp 240v electricity supply is usually sufficient, together with a mains pressure water supply.
  • “Electric” decontamination units: some industrial sites don’t allow LPG or naked flames; in these instances electric water heating is usually selected, which requires a lot of electrical power – typically 63A at 240v for a unit with two showers!

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