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Portable Generators

Ancill-300x2004000XL MODEL

  • Simultaneously supplies electrical power to 1 x 240v outlet, 2 x 115v outlets and 1 x 12v d.c. outlet.
  • Generator maximum continuous load 4.25Kva (3400 watts).
  • Allows operation of mobile shower and welfare trailers (240v) and their ancillary (110v) equipment (eg: waste water filtration equipment,water supply pumps) all from a single generator.
  • The generator is equipped with a long duration fuel tank giving 11+hours continuous operation at half load.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation to maintain stable supply under varied load


0 R


  • A compact portable generator, supplying electrical loads up to 7.5Kva (6000 watts) in user-selectable output voltage of either 115v or 240v. Ideal for providing a large amount of power on a temporary basis.
  • Ouput in 115v via 1 x 32amp and 1 x 16amp socket; output in 240v via 2 x 16amp sockets. All sockets overload protected.
  • Long duration fuel tank gives 9+hours continuous operation at half load.


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