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Self-Contained Decontamination Units

Self Contained Single Shower Decon. Image 003For applications where mains services are not available we stock self-contained decontamination units with a footprint which allows them to fit into a car parking space.  All units offer:

  • Three separate compartments – Clean, Shower, & Dirty.
  • A HEPA grade air filtration and extraction system.
  • Thermostatically regulated hot-water showers.

All trailers can operate in “standalone” mode with integral clean water tanks (200 – 360 litres capacity), silenced on-board generator (LPG electric or recoil start), and balanced-flue room-sealed LPG water heater.

Trailers are available suitable for up to 8 people.  For the convenience of users – if mains services are available – our self-contained units can also be coupled to these.

Factors to help you choose our self-contained decontamination units

  1. Our units carry a lot more water than competitors (200-360 litres vs typically 80 litres).
  2. Our trailers can be towed around with their tanks ready-filled, which makes them ready to work immediately on arrival.
  3. Models with LPG generator are integrated, very quiet, and are secure against theft.



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