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Our hire service is available throughout mainland UK subject to availability of equipment. Quotations are valid for 30 days unless stated otherwise. Provision of a quotation does not constitute a commitment by us to supply you; in all cases supply of goods and services is subject to availability and our terms and conditions for hire and sale of products apply. These terms and conditions are available from our website, our central hire desk, our central accounts office, and they are printed on our hire contract documents. By placing an order with us you are consenting to the exclusive application of our terms and conditions.

Please note that our service does not extend to off-shore facilities or support vessels, and use of our Hire Goods on such facilities is not permitted by us.

The following points are a useful quick-guide to using our hire service; in the unlikely event of a conflict between these points and our conditions, our conditions for hire and sale of products take precedence.


You (the customer) may collect Hire Goods and Products from our depots, or we can provide a delivery service (at additional cost). Where we are asked to deliver You (the customer) are responsible for arranging adequate access for delivery, and for someone to receive the Goods and Products.


Customers are responsible for the safekeeping of the Hire Goods supplied to them from the time they receive the goods until the time they are physically returned to our possession, and are advised to insure such Goods at new replacement value.


Your attention is drawn to the instructions and technical information supplied with our Hire Goods and Products, contained in our brochures and literature, and on this website. Customers are responsible for selecting Hire Goods and Products appropriate for the application and work environment, and for ensuring that these are used in a safe and correct manner.

Note that – as a general guide – our Hire Goods and Products are NOT certified or approved for use in flammable or explosive environments, and should not be used in such circumstances. If Hire Goods and Products have such an approval or certification this will be clearly stated in writing.


You (the customer) may return the Hire Goods to the supplying depot. Alternatively if you wish us to collect our Goods at the end of a hire please contact the Hire Desk at least one clear working day in advance. We will endeavour to collect Hire Goods promptly but please note that you remain responsible for the Goods until they are restored to us in good condition.

Ensure you obtain and record an “Off-Hire Reference Number” from the Hire Desk when placing an instruction for off-hire. If you place an off-hire instruction by e-mail our receipt of your instruction will be acknowledged by a reply from us bearing an off-hire reference number; it is your responsibility to ensure that you have received an acknowledgement and you must retain the reference number. Queries regarding off-hire date will not be entertained unless you can produce a valid off-hire reference number.

Your responsibility for the equipment, and hire and all other charges, cease only when the equipment is physically returned to our safekeeping in good condition, and you receive an unqualified receipt for the return of the goods; it is your responsibility to ensure that all goods have been returned to us, even when an off-hire reference number has been issued.

Please note that delivery staff are not permitted to take instruction concerning off-hire dates – you must contact the Central Hire Desk.


Hire Goods must be returned in good working order (fair wear and tear excepted) and in a clean condition (everyday grime excepted). Hire Goods returned in an unreasonably dirty or contaminated condition may be refused if not appropriately packaged, and cleaning charges may apply. Customers must declare any Goods or Products contaminated by material which might reasonably pose a hazard to maintenance staff. In extreme cases we reserve the right to refuse to accept goods returned in an unsatisfactory condition until this is rectified by the customer.


Subject to the Customer having a current approved Credit Account, Hire Goods will be invoiced monthly, or at the end of the hire (whichever comes first). Queries in relation to invoices must be raised in writing within 14 days. Hire charges are based on “time out” – not “time in use” – and are subject to any minimum charges which may apply.  All days are chargeable inclusive of the day Hire Goods go out and the day they are received back. For your reference the standard “hire-week” is 7 days.


Our hire desk is open Monday – Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm and can be contacted as follows:

  • Central Hire Desk –  – Freephone 0800 731 5521 – Freefax 0808 169 5188.

Our accounts office is open Monday – Friday 9.00am to 4.00pm and can be contacted as follows:

  • Accounts –  – Freephone 0808 168 5391 – Freefax 0808 168 5392.
  • Our Postal Address is – Site Showers Limited, PO box 25, Ashford, TN23 9LT.

For GDPR & Data Protection enquiries see our Privacy and Commercial Data Protection policies for contact details.

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