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Emergency Safety Shower

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The STD40-K Emergency Safety Shower is an essential first-response device that is deployed where personnel may be exposed to chemicals or hazardous substances and a mains-water safety shower is not available.  Also known as a drench shower or chemical safety shower – the STD40-K is equipped with an overhead full body shower plus a separate eyewash station; it is available to hire throughout England & Wales.

Casual short-term hire is available from £23 per day, discounts are available where the hire runs for several weeks or if multiple units are required.  See our guide to getting the best deal on your mobile emergency safety shower hire.

The key benefits of the STD40-K safety shower are …

  • Ideal for remote locations where utility / shower facilities are unavailable or out of service.
  • The STD40-K is capable of delivering a full body shower of up to 100 litres water over 1½ minutes.
  • Equipped with a separate eyewash station for decontaminating the face and eyes.
  • It is easily manoeuvred to its required position – it can be moved by one person.
  • Compact and portable – which means it can be located just about anywhere; the wheel centres enable the unit to be taken through a standard door-opening allowing it to be used in laboratories and work rooms etc.
  • Once filled and pressurised from a clean water supply it is autonomous and requires no utility connection.
  • Shower operates from a simple lever pull, and provides a cold water drench of approximately 100 litres.
  • Integral eyebath operates immediately cover is removed.
  • Eyebath flow is adjustable to preferred volume.
We also offer an extended range of larger capacity heated safety showers – please enquire to the hire desk for details.

Getting the best deal

In any industry, well known brands/companies often capitalise on the fact that people don’t know where to source what they are looking for.  This also applies to the equipment hire industry, where using “branded” hire outlets may cost the customer substantially more.  We believe that we offer the best value for money on like-for-like hire products.  We also believe that we can’t be beaten on long-term hire rates for the STD40-K safety shower with eye-wash station, and we welcome you to contact us to compare our hire quotation to any others that you may have received.


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