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Mist Cannons For Dust Suppression

Spraycannon SC15SC15 Spray Cannon

  • Self contained mobile water mist cannon.  Spray head manually rotatable plus vertical tilt adjustment.
  • For mobile applications integral generator powers mist cannon using water supplied from its 1100 litre tank.
  • For static applications unit can be powered from 110v site supply.
  • Trailer is equipped with rear spray bar for suppression of roadway dust.
  • Electric start for ease of use.

 Dustfighter DF Smart

DF Smart Dustfighter

DF Smart Dustfighter


  • A compact straightforward to operate mist cannon which runs on 110v power.
  • Simple connection to 15mm water hose supplied from a tap.
  • Easy to move around / relocate to where it’s required – passes through a standard door.
  • Vertical tilt up to +60 degrees.
  • Water throughput simple to adjust using valve on the machine.
  • Economical to operate


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